Members were treated to a well-illustrated insight into the world of halal products and their production at the Rizqun hotel on 9 May by Dr Nur Rahman, CEO of Ghanim International Holdings which trades as “Brunei Halal”. 

For those of us who have only the faintest understanding of “halal”, Dr Nur revealed that the term applies not only to food, but also to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The certification process is thorough and sounded not too dissimilar to the clinical trials that medicinal products go through before certified to be sold to the public. As long as the proper certification is carried out on the production process by a minimum of two certified Muslim supervisors, such a plant can operate anywhere in the world. This allows the potential for job creation in new markets in addition to supplying quality products at affordable prices. 

Another key fact is that Brunei Halal uses only natural ingredients in its products, meaning that they contain no harmful additives or are “bulked out” with soy or other ingredients. In other words, a chicken goujon contains 100% chicken meat and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). For those more conscious about health and diet (especially those suffering from diabetes, hypertension or heart disease) the low sugar, salt and fat content of Brunei Halal products means reduced risk of medical problems. 

We learnt that the company already manufactures and sells to the UK and the Middle East from its Birmingham factory. Products such as frozen Chicken Goujons and Nuggets, Drumsticks, Slices, Lamb Burgers, and Kofta Sausages, artificial sweeteners and seasonings, Soy, crackers, cordials and water available in Brunei at local supermarkets (Supasave, Hua Ho) or at the Brunei Halal outlet at Warisan Mata Mata. 

Those interested in knowing more about Brunei Halal’s products and prices can ask our Secretary, Charles Ting, to supply further details by emailing him at