Remarks of the outgoing Chair in the 2019 AGM

The Chairman mentioned that none of the above would have been possible without the hard work of the Committee, in particular: 

 ·      Secretary: Siva Subramniam

·      Treasurer: Pg Aki Ismasufian

·      Membership: Yvonne Kuan

·      Events: Rob Tunnell

·      Website: Jay Santanam, Ambrose Nathan and Mr Kannan 

·      Both Natalie Gowers-Barnes and Siti Mahmud of the High Commission sat on the Committee, adding real value with ever helpful advice as well as with contacts which has relieved some of the pressure in organising our events

The Chairman announced with regret that Bina Chauhan was stepping down from Committee due to other commitments but asked Members to wish her All the Best and looked forward to seeing her at Speaker Events. 
The Chairman reminded Members that BBBF’s success is due in no small measure to the support of the British High Commission and its team.  Richard Lindsay, the High Commissioner, continues to be a staunch Patron and host. 

The Chairman mentioned that BBBF’s activities will be in the very capable hands of the new Committee and the new Chair as he was stepping down after 4 years on Committee.  He extended his thanks to all members for their support over the years.

The Chairman closed his address by welcoming new members, thanking current members for their continued support, and wishing everyone the Best for the next year.