Date: Weds, 17 November 2021
Time: 4 pm – Brunei time

It will be a virtual talk by Dr Holger Siemon from the Faculty of Business and Law, University of Northampton Business School.

The talk is entitled:

The post-human economy and how covid impacts future employability skills.

Understanding the next generation and seeing value in their skills.



We are in process toward the faster evolving elements of another industrial revolution. With already being part of that new development, our economic system(s) must change, as will many core contributors to such systems, labour, information, and mindset, among others.

The factor labour has changed, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other forms of specialisation substituting many jobs. We are en-route toward a new system in which the human factor evolves into a different role. What does this mean for such a post-human society? And what does this mean for the relationship between the developed and developing parts of the world?

More important for the current 40-60 year olds, what does this transition mean for us as leaders, communicators, strategists? And how do we prepare the younger generation for those challenges ahead?

The proposed talk shall offer a few perspectives to those questions rather than offering certain solutions in this very volatile market.

Links to Dr Holger: