Members and invited guests gathered to hear the history of Progresif from CEO Paul Taylor (also a BBBF member) at he Hotel Rizqun. From extremely challenging times five years ago, Progresif have emerged as an industry leader in Brunei as well as a regional award winner for their activities. 

In an extremely entertaining and honest talk, Paul took us through the challenges of the past and what had been done to address them. It became clear that serious investment has gone into people, positioning, equipment and training. The result is a highly passionate, proud, communicative and innovative (dare we say “progressive”?) company that has improved its service offering, improved staff training and retention rates and increased its network provision. Turnaround, as Paul put it, has been “startling”. 

The Q&A session after Paul’s speech showed how much of what he said had resonated with the audience and questions ranged from portability of numbers to enterprise solutions. From the sound of it, we were only hearing the beginning of the story.